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Project DragQueen week 4: Illegally Blonde.

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Hello Gurlz, Boyz and Fans,

Thank you everyone for your votes and for going to the site to check out our show. It has been a great success and above it all, it has been a lot of fun for me to participate in this contest. Thanks to all of you, I was the winner of the 3rd challenge!!!!! *kisses*

Just one reminder that there today and tomorrow are the last chances to vote for the Round 4 of Project Drag queen. GO to the page and vote for ME, SAMANTHA VEGA!!!!! or for the one you like-


This past Sunday's challenge was given to us partially ahead of time. We were instructed to go to the GoodWill Fashion Store (thrift store) and spend a maximum of 10 dollars and bring the outfit -with tags AND receipt for the sunday show. AND it had to be done all in one purchase.

My experience with this challenge was awesome, as soon as I walked in the door at GoodWill in Henrietta, I knew exactly where I was going to start because right past the counter as you come in was the accessories wall, and my direction for my outfit was found: A black and pink leather PURSE with the letter "S" in baby pink!!!!!! I knew I had to had that, and built the rest of my outfit around it, so I did! I found a pink sil scarf that matched perfectly. A nice silk blouse from Victoria Secretions with hearts all over it, and lots of pink on it. A crepe satin pencil skirt with a rhinestone edge, and the next piece of resistance: a LONG black blazer -a la Paula Abdul 1980s- I also accessorized the whole ensemble with sunglasses with a pink edge, and a stuffed "dog" that lived peeking out of the purse when runway time came. Everything I bought was $.99 (blue tag items) except for the purse that was $2.99. So it was a great purchase!

Let's just say that the whole look was Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, or as I called myself for the night: Hell Goods, Illegally Blonde Immigrant. My first shot from the runway show is my favorite -when everything was stil together. THe other contestants had some good finds also:
Annie Rexic had a jacket with a grey skirt. When she had it all on, it kind of reminded me of Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music.
Kasha Davis surprised us by going a little low key, since she basically LIVES at the GoodWill. Her outfit was cute, but the piece that I thought made it cute -the belt- was not a purchase from GoodWill!!!
Samantha Sulays outfit was really cute. She bought a matching skirt and jacket in leopard print. Unfortunately, the shirt that she wore under it was also NOT a purchase from GWF. Neither were the shoes, which really brought the outfit together!
Poison Waters found a nice rich Blue velveteen dress with a sheer treatment in the chest. It fit her very nicely, and she was really hapy with it.

There is more to this challenge, but I'll post the rest to my personal LJ. Help me win this challenge too!!!

www.clubmuthers.com/pdq.html place your vote for Samantha Vega!


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