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Project DragQueen Round 3. x-posted

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Hello Girls and Fans,

New lurker ins this community. I also do compete in pageants and other competitions of pageant nature. At the bar I work at, we have started a new contest between performers, inspired by Bravo's hit show Project Runway: Project Drag Queen. Every week we are given a task during the show, to be completed by the end of the show. Read ahead for more on this week's episode. Thanks for your attention, and your votes!

Just one reminder that there today and tomorrow are the last chances to vote for the Round 3 of Project Drag queen. GO to the page and vote for ME, Samantha Vega!!!!!


The challenge this week was to make an outfit out of two yards of fabric that we were given that night -all of us had the same fabric- and two boxes of safety pins.

I decided to go a little dressy and made a gown that had see thru panels in swirl shapes, thru which you could see the safety pins as addornments of the dress, rather than holding it together. I was inspired by one of the creations on the evening gown competition of the Miss Venezuela Pageant that just aired last sunday. My dress also featured a little cape that went off one shoulder, and braided straps that went accross the open back of the dress.

Once again, thank you for your vote. Last week I didn't win, but I was 2nd -apparently I lost by ONE vote!-

Love, always..

Samantha Vega!!!!!
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